Saturday, May 16, 2015

dc the trickster

quick, slick and clever
king and queen
fool and beggar
a mountain 
a mouse

going her own way
fearless and undaunted

 you hear her laughter
 you turn your head
she is already gone

thanks to the ever inspiring Veronica we got a wonderful theme.
you can visit her lovely blog to find out about the other creative souls
playing with 'the trickster'

sunny weekend to you


  1. i enjoyed your words as much as your painting
    all the details caught my attention too, each one a painting in and of itself

    the trickster indeed
    sunny and cloudy here ~

  2. ;^)))
    love the words
    and the painting
    yes i can hear her
    that strong woman
    going her own way
    fearless and undaunted
    i wish that i
    was more like her


  3. I could get lost in the sky of her skirt, could gaze for a long time at the colors and symbols and the way the they all harmonize together. Just lovely.

  4. So many details catch my eyes...what a powerful attitude she has in her dress made out of sky! A very expressive story-telling painting!

  5. Oh yes, she may be a trickster, but I love your drawing. There's so much to see. She is a queen and a star too. And the horse on wheels reminds me of my childhood :)

  6. ... ephereal you. in blue! aw, what a joy to look at. i would reside too, in the skirt'o'coulds, forever swooning. such a great, 'collaged' achievement, bringing fiery red to a side of the painting only. your landscapes are never to be ignored. n♥

  7. the composition is great, it catches us like a trickster maybe ;)
    so many details to explore.. really lovely!
    x Stefanie

  8. That's just lovely Renilde. I love the composition and I also love all crows, magpies, ravens...anything of the Corvid family. Well done. I'm very late checking back with everyone because I forgot my pc charger and was computer free for the whole weekend! :D What am I like? Hope you have a wonderful week. Big hugs

  9. Superb interpretation of the theme, and brilliant work as always, Renilde! There is so much magic in this piece...